31 December 2013

I has a hangover

Now, those of you who know me in real life won't find that a particularly mind-blowing revelation. You see, I like the odd shandy or ten now and then.

Now hangovers can be a pain the backside, no two ways about it and I definitely wouldn't recommend painting or modelling when you've got one.

But what they are good for, is reflection on past events. Normally the past events in question are 'how did I get home?', 'did I really eat that kebab?' or the most famous one of all 'I'm never going to drink again'. 

And once you finally get into the darkest recesses of your short-term memory; tease the answers out of the jumbled kaleidoscope of synapses that help you recall stuff and realise that you did eat the kebab, got a taxi home and that you'll be in the same state in the near future, you've got nothing else to do apart from lie on the couch, feel sorry for yourself and wait for The Quest for the Holy Foreskin to come on the National Geographic Channel. 

Now, even I can't lie on the couch for 3 days. I make the house look untidy, so in the absence of doing anything remotely useful about the house, I decided to take a moment or two to reflect on what went on in my 40k year, and what I would like to see next year. 

Unfortunately, I've decided to share it with you lot.

So what happened?

Well, quite a lot apparently, but my year didn't really start until the release of the new Space Marines codex. I know, I apologise to all of you who hate Space Marines and love your armies the bestest, but it's my blog, my year and in my little world, nothing of note happened until September.

And I saw the new codex and I was as happy as a dog with 4 bollocks and 2 tongues. Some of the new models (we'll conveniently forget the Centurions) that were released alongside the codex were stunning. The new Sternguard, Vanguard and Tactical Squads were superbly modelled. The new Stalker/Hunter kit is great as well.

But the best thing about the codex was the little bit of love that Chapters other than the Ultramarines got, and the Chapter Tactics that came alongside them.

The codex did more than make me a happy teddy bear, it reignited my 40k hobby. I got my paintbrushes and models out and started making an effort again. I built army lists and started playing, casually and at tournaments. In short it made me want to be part of the hobby and it's made me look forward to 2014.

So what would I like to see next year?

Honestly? For all of you who don't play Space Marines to get the same happiness out of your armies that I got out of mine in the latter quarter of this year.

Have a Happy New Year and if you're old enough, get absolutely shitfaced at the bells.



SinSynn said...

Yeah, I'm a lil' green myself this morning...
What's that?
It's the afternoon?
Well...f*ck me sideways...
Meh, whatevs...I'm laid up in my boxers, surfin' the net consuming coffee by the bucket. I'll come mostly to life soon...

Happy new year!

Jim said...

Happy New Year to you too.

Although I've got say, I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself again today.

Ach well. It could be worse, I think.

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